[lug] Basic Guidance Solicited

D. Stimits stimits at attbi.com
Mon Sep 23 19:02:48 MDT 2002

Charlie Rose wrote:
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> Gentlefolk,
> I am planning on installing Linux on my 1 GHz PC as a second OS to
> the Windows 2000 that is already there. I can devote 20 GB to the
> Linux operation. Although I've been working continuously with one
> computer or ten others for the past 40+ years, I am an absolute
> novice in the Linux world (despite running a Unix-like command line
> shell over DOS for many years).
> The many flavors of Linux that are available is somewhat intimidating
> and not a little confusing, and I'd appreciate it greatly if any of
> you would recommend one or more flavors that would be good for me to
> start with ... and, just as important, any that I should stay away
> from. The RedHat that comes from KRÜD is appealing because of the
> latest updates and patches with which it's bundled ... but what do I
> know?

I think it would depend on what you want your linux to do. Multimedia 
could be a different answer from a SQL server, or from firewall 
machines. For general use, Redhat/KRUD is usually a good selection 
(along with lots of other uses). Probably you want to stay away from 
Gentoo if you are not already good with linux. Slackware is good if you 
really want to learn the nitty-gritty.

D. Stimits, stimits AT attbi.com

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