[lug] . . . Active Server Pages

Paul Bille Paul at ebille.cudenver.edu
Tue Sep 24 10:59:38 MDT 2002

Do Active Server Pages run on LINUX systems?

I sent Carl a note espousing the virtues of cgi-bin.  HTML forms
combined with cgi-bin are platform independent run on LINUX systems,
based on open standards vs. ASP you rely on an MS standard . . . run
only on Win systems . . .  After I hit the "send" button it occurred to
me.  Oops!  I wish I hadn't done that.

I know and love cgi-bin but I'm not a resident expert on Active Server
Pages.  I can't say definitively that ASP is tied to the MS operating
system.  Maybe someone has ported ASP to LINUX.  Are there any ASP
experts out there that can say it has/has not?

I avoid ASP for the same reasons I avoid Excel/Word/MS macros, Visual
Basic etc .  Microsoft shares intellectual property ownership in any
application developed in MS exclusive environments, maybe not legally
but effectively.

I'd like to know if ASP is worth looking at?

P.S.  Here are some sample HTML forms/CGI-BIN applications:
http://bille.cudenver.edu/apps - Network Applications

P.P.S.  Yes, I am looking for work.


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