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Chip Atkinson chip at rmpg.org
Tue Sep 24 11:16:06 MDT 2002

Odd that you should ask.  Due to some bug in PHP, I can't use it here at
work, so I found that there is something called Apache::ASP, a templating
system that works under mod-perl.  It looks like ASP I assume (though I
have never seen official ASP pages), but uses Perl as the code.


 On Tue, 24 Sep 2002, Paul Bille wrote:

> Do Active Server Pages run on LINUX systems?
> I sent Carl a note espousing the virtues of cgi-bin.  HTML forms
> combined with cgi-bin are platform independent run on LINUX systems,
> based on open standards vs. ASP you rely on an MS standard . . . run
> only on Win systems . . .  After I hit the "send" button it occurred to
> me.  Oops!  I wish I hadn't done that.
> I know and love cgi-bin but I'm not a resident expert on Active Server
> Pages.  I can't say definitively that ASP is tied to the MS operating
> system.  Maybe someone has ported ASP to LINUX.  Are there any ASP
> experts out there that can say it has/has not?
> I avoid ASP for the same reasons I avoid Excel/Word/MS macros, Visual
> Basic etc .  Microsoft shares intellectual property ownership in any
> application developed in MS exclusive environments, maybe not legally
> but effectively.
> I'd like to know if ASP is worth looking at?
> P.S.  Here are some sample HTML forms/CGI-BIN applications:
> http://bille.cudenver.edu/apps - Network Applications
> P.P.S.  Yes, I am looking for work.
> Thanks,
> Paul
> http://bille.cudenver.edu/author
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