[lug] . . . Active Server Pages

Paul Bille Paul at ebille.cudenver.edu
Tue Sep 24 11:39:44 MDT 2002

> " . . . Apache::ASP, a templating system that works under mod-perl."

> "Chilisoft ASP server for Linux, Solaris, and WinNT/2K . . . recently
purchased by Sun:"

OK it looks like there are a few ways to run ASP on LINUX.  Next
Why would you?

You can use your language of choice for cgi-bin, C, C++, perl, scripts,
bat, basic . . . Why use something that requires you to program in a
specific language?  And above all, why support MS's strangle hold on the
developer community?

I guess if Sun is covering Active Server Pages, I should also.  

Thanks for the tips,

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