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Nate Duehr nate at natetech.com
Tue Sep 24 18:55:18 MDT 2002

On Tue, 2002-09-24 at 12:00, Paul Bille wrote:
> > "Apache::ASP uses ASP style tags and is ASP/PHP like in its approach,
> "
> I guess I'll have to install ASP support and cover the topic.  I
> appreciate your info.  
> I'm not convinced of the value of ASP compared with HTML forms/cgi-bin
> but the only way I'll be able to address the topic with any authority is
> to support it.

Heh heh... according to my Debian/"Sid" box, asp is...

asp - Discovers present ip-address of dynamically connected hosts.

Asp discovers the present ip address of a host that has a dynamically
assigned ip-address. This is useful when you want to connect to dynamic
hosts, or to help others find you (in which case you run asp as a

You could install that and play dumb...  (GRIN)   :-)

I was looking for a script that I'm sure I saw in a Debian package at
one time that was called something like asp2php or similar, but it
appears to have disappeared from my list of packages here... hmmm. 

And appropriately the Beatles are singing "Won't you please, please help
me!" in the background in XMMS... (GRIN).


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