[lug] pam_unix closes session

Benno Stein stein at upb.de
Wed Sep 25 09:17:47 MDT 2002


I'm running Redhat 7.3, Gnome desktop, and the gdm display manager.

I've the following problem with the graphical login:

When a normal user logs in, the graphical login disappears, and
instead of to be logged, the graphical login comes again. This
only appears at the first login after a shutdown/reboot.

However, root is always able to log in normally.

The respective lines in /var/log/messages reflect this behavior:

Sep 25 02:24:49 pc-chaos gdm(pam_unix)[1083]: session opened for user jeanclaude 
by (uid=0)
Sep 25 02:24:51 pc-chaos gdm(pam_unix)[1083]: session closed for user jeanclaude
Sep 25 02:25:11 pc-chaos gdm(pam_unix)[1083]: session opened for user root by 
Sep 25 02:25:20 pc-chaos gnome-name-server[1370]: starting

The settings in pam.d file have not been modified.

I searched the Internet quite carefully but could not find a solution.
Do you have any clue?

Thank's a lot in advance,


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