[lug] Basic Guidance: Revisited

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 KDE & Gnome are Window Managers, they give you a pretty Windows-like
desktop (GUI) instead of a command line to work from.  If you're new to
linux, you'll definitely want one.  I'd suggest installing both, and you can
switch between the two until one strikes your fancy.  There several other
Window Managers available on the Mandrake CD (and probably other CD's, as

Koffice, StarOffice, and OpenOffice are all similar to Microsoft Office
Suite.  Any one will do.  I know OpenOffice comes in both a Linux version
and a Windows version.  If you make your Windows partition readable from
Linux (mount it), then you can access your Windows documents using Linux

Even though you have software such as Mozilla already installed under
Windows, Linux won't be able to use it.  You need to install the Linux
version.  There are tools (like Win4Lin) that can let you run Windows
software on a Linux box, but I've never tried them, and have heard that they
only work with some Windows programs, not all of them.

For more answers, try going to www.Google.com, and typing in "StarOffice" or
"Evolution".  Also type in "Linux newbie", "Linux tutorial", and "Linux
online classes".  You'll find lots of your questions already answered there.

John D

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1. What is KPE, Gnome, Koffice, and Evolution, and do I want them,
and why?

2. I already have Mozilla 1.1 and Acrobat Reader 5.0.1 installed on
my Windows machine (where Linux will also live). Can Linux use these

3. I'd like to use Star Office under both Linux and Windows. Are
there versions of Star office that will work under both, or must I
have separate versions for both?

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