[lug] Mounting Win partitions / Renaming localhost?

John Dollison johndollison at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 27 17:23:13 MDT 2002

I have two questions:

1.  I'd like to mount two of my Windows partitions under Red Hat 7.3, but 
'df' only shows mounted partitions, and 'cat /proc/partitions' only shows 
how many there are, not what file systems they use.  I have hda1 through 
hda8.  How do I figure out which ones are my Windows partitions?

2.  Both my computers are named localhost.localdomain.  I'd rather give each 
one a unique name, such as billybob.westvirginia and suebob.westvirginia.  I 
read the manpages on how to do the renaming, but when I actually renamed 
them, other programs started giving me all sorts of errors.  Can I only 
change the name during installation of Linux, or is there some other step I 


John D


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