[lug] Semi-OT, Linux and Mac read VFAT

Timothy C. Klein teece at silverklein.net
Sat Sep 28 11:35:50 MDT 2002

Hello all,

I find myself on Campus these days at a Mac machine quite a bit.  I had
a Zip disk with a VFAT file system on it.  It had a couple things on it,
and I could read them at home.  I then used the Zip disk in a Mac with
OS9 at school, which worked fine.  It saw the files, allowed me to write
to the disk.  However, when I get the disk home, I am getting nothing
but gibberish when the device is mounted.  What I see changes each time
I mount the disk, doing an 'ls' in the mounted directory will screw up
the terminal, the kernel complains of this:

Sep 25 22:08:18 i148 kernel: attempt to access beyond end of device
Sep 25 22:08:18 i148 kernel: 03:44: rw=0, want=65792, limit=10668

So something obviously got corrupted.  Does anyone know if a Mac and
Linux can play nice on a VFAT file system?  Was this a fluke?  I suppose
I could use the Mac filesystem, (what is it, HPFS or something), but I
am then stuck if I get stuck at Windows machine.  

I have never really used a Mac for much of anything, so I have no
experience with interoperability.

Thanks for any advice,

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