[lug] Mounting Win partitions / Renaming localhost?

Peter Hutnick peter-lists at hutnick.com
Sat Sep 28 17:12:08 MDT 2002

> Now, if there were a way on Windows...  Once, two jobs ago, the IT
> department sent me over a new PC; running Win NT.  Well, it had one
> disk, at 5 GB.  Hmm, that's not enough for development work, so I
> started removing the disk from another machine.  Well, after getting the
>   disk installed into the new machine, I run the Windows version of
> fdisk which allows you to list all the partitions on all the disks, and
> lo and behold, IT decided to only FORMAT 5 GB of the 20GB disk in the
> machine!!!  So, I wasted a day rebuilding a machine that didn't need it!

Sorry to be /so/ offtopic, but this just begs the comment.

NT's "fdisk" was the graphical utility "Disk Administrator" which
displayed a very useful graphic of each physical disk, with shaded regions
indicating formatted space, partitioned (but unformatted, or formatted in
an unrecognized format), and unallocated space.

All things considered it was actually a pretty good tool, if you like GUI
low level utilities.


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