[lug] Mounting Win partitions / Renaming localhost?

Mr Viggy LittleViggy at alum.manhattan.edu
Sat Sep 28 17:08:33 MDT 2002

Yep, and the idiot I am, I didn't run it until I had removed the disk 
from the original machine.  To compound things, it was a small stripped 
RAID disk that I had "borrowed"...

Sorry for the off topic post!


Peter Hutnick wrote:
>>Now, if there were a way on Windows...  Once, two jobs ago, the IT
>>department sent me over a new PC; running Win NT.  Well, it had one
>>disk, at 5 GB.  Hmm, that's not enough for development work, so I
>>started removing the disk from another machine.  Well, after getting the
>>  disk installed into the new machine, I run the Windows version of
>>fdisk which allows you to list all the partitions on all the disks, and
>>lo and behold, IT decided to only FORMAT 5 GB of the 20GB disk in the
>>machine!!!  So, I wasted a day rebuilding a machine that didn't need it!
> Sorry to be /so/ offtopic, but this just begs the comment.
> NT's "fdisk" was the graphical utility "Disk Administrator" which
> displayed a very useful graphic of each physical disk, with shaded regions
> indicating formatted space, partitioned (but unformatted, or formatted in
> an unrecognized format), and unallocated space.
> All things considered it was actually a pretty good tool, if you like GUI
> low level utilities.
> -Peter
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