[lug] The tide's turning perhaps... :-)

Mr Viggy LittleViggy at alum.manhattan.edu
Sat Sep 28 21:25:06 MDT 2002

Perhaps...  But, my initial reaction would be, why take it back?  Why 
not install Linux NOW???



Chip Atkinson wrote:
> Hi all.  I was in a computer store today and overheard something I had to
> share.  A young man and woman (ok, I'm 40, so you know what that means)
> were looking at a computer that the store guy was working on.  I could see
> that it was Win2K that was doing some sort of checkdisk thing.  The woman
> was rather distressed about what was going on and the problems that she
> must have had a while back.  I heard her say "why don't we just take the
> whole thing back?" and some other mutterings about the problems with the
> machine.  Then I hear her say "I wish we'd just installed Linux.  None of
> this would probably be happening right now."
> Chip
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