[lug] usb cdburner?

Ben Luey lueyb at gridley.ACNS.Carleton.edu
Sat Sep 28 22:07:41 MDT 2002

I'd like to use a usb cdburner (Que!Drive that is popular with macs). I've
got usb setup fine along with scsi /ide emulation (usb zip works fine).
usbview sees that drive fine, but I can't connect to it through scsi. I
have the following modules loaded:

sr_mod sd_mod isofs ide-scsi usb-ohci usbcore sg scsi_mod

If I try mount -t isa9660 /dev/scdX /mnt/burn

or with /dev/sdaX, I just get /dev/scdX unknown device. Has anyone had any
luck with usb cdburners? Any ideas what I should try?



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