[lug] usb cdburner?

Ben Luey lueyb at gridley.ACNS.Carleton.edu
Sun Sep 29 12:01:06 MDT 2002

> > If I try mount -t isa9660 /dev/scdX /mnt/burn

> Two things that you may know . . . but you may not.
> 1. The type is iso9660.  I would guess that is a typo above, but who knows?
> 2. You can't mount blank media.  (You can't mount any filesystem that
> doesn't exist!).  You have to write to blank CDR(W)s with special software
> that knows how to talk to CDR(W) drives.  cdrecord(1) is the most common.

IYeh, iso9660... that was a type.; So I put a known data cd in the drive
before trying to mount figuring that the first step to using the burner is
to read a cd from it. The problem is that I scsi system doesn't know that
it is there or I don't know where on teh scsi system the drive is... usb
seems to have no problem, but I don't know what device to use.



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