[lug] usb cdburner?

chris fool at dfw.net
Sun Sep 29 12:47:14 MDT 2002

On Sun, Sep 29, 2002 at 01:01:06PM -0500, Ben Luey wrote:
> IYeh, iso9660... that was a type.; So I put a known data cd in the drive
> before trying to mount figuring that the first step to using the burner is
> to read a cd from it. The problem is that I scsi system doesn't know that
> it is there or I don't know where on teh scsi system the drive is... usb
> seems to have no problem, but I don't know what device to use.

a first step to see if it's even making it to the "system thinks it's a
scsi device" stage is 'cat /proc/scsi/scsi'.  does it show up?  if so
that also identifies its bus/id/lun (useful for cdrecord, eventually).

if it's there, try mounting /dev/sr0 instead of /dev/scd0?

also make sure that you insert modules in the correct order...putting scsi
and ide-scsi in before usb* will probably not do the trick (they were
listed in the wrong order in your previous email, assuming left-to-right

it's been a while since i've used a usb-data device, tho it did show up
as sda (a CF reader).  i can't remember the sequence of modules to get
it working tho...and the machine in question is dead :(.

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