[lug] The tide's turning perhaps... :-)

D. Stimits stimits at attbi.com
Sun Sep 29 15:18:53 MDT 2002

svq wrote:
> "D. Stimits" wrote:
>>Many places won't honor their warranty if the o/s is not installed from
>>their disks. Of course the owner could probably re-install windows from
>>the store disks if returning it. It is funny that many of these
>>retailers will not even honor the warranty if another version of windows
>>is installed...even the same type of windows installed from a CD not of
>>their own can remove all service aid in the warranty.
>>D. Stimits, stimits AT attbi.com
> So if I were to buy a new laptop, it would be useless to buy the extended
> warrenty if I were planning to install Linux as soon as I got it?

In some cases, yes. But in many cases, you could wipe linux and 
re-install from their CD's, then get support. If they want to get any 
information at all, or do any tests at all, from windows, especially 
from *their* utilities, they simply won't talk to you when you use any 
other o/s. Basically, you'd have to wipe linux and put their stuff back 
on it before they would talk to you. Check warranty terms before you 
buy, there are some large houses that do this (obvious problems like it 
bursting into flames they would still service).

D. Stimits, stimits AT attbi.com

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