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The Cisco VPN concentrator series including the 3005, 3015, 3030, and 3060
are all devices that terminate vpn tunnels.
A good example to use for these devices would be to think of them as a modem
bank. The only difference between the models is capacity - 3005 is ~ 4Mbs
(100 sessions) encryption/decryption is handled in software - not
upgradeable, 3015 is the same as the 3005 capacity wise but can be upgraded
to the 3030 and 3060 with the addition on some hardware accelerators and
memory.  3030 ~ 50Mbs (1500 sessions), 3060 ~ 100Mbs (5000 sessions), and
3080 ~ 10,000 sessions. To review the data sheet go here:

The cisco vpn clients including the 3002, Unified Software Client, and "Easy
VPN Client" in IOS are all clients that connect to the concentrator.
The 3002 client is a hardware box that can connect to the 3000 series
concentrators. It allows for a remote office or home office to operate over
a vpn tunnel. Also there are software clients that run on Windows, Mac,
Linux, and Solaris. These allow for the one machine to tunnel into the
concentrator. The software clients are free with the concentrator and do not
require an extra license. You can also accomplish remote site vpns using
cisco routers that incorporate the "easy vpn client" featureset.

So down to what you need. Definitely one of the concentrators listed in the
first paragraph. I would not recommend the 3005 because it can not be
upgraded. The software client is included and most likely will be all that
you need... If you do have remote offices that will be using the
concentrator than you will need to decide on the 3002, a IOS router running
"easy vpn client", or a PIX.

I have installed many of these boxes and I can definitely say they work
great and are very extensible.

Hope this helps.

Feel free to contact me directly if you have more questions.


TJ Schuler, CCIE #8800
Coleman Technologies, Inc
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> I'm trying to sort through the nomenclature in the land of VPN.
> Let's use Cisco as an example.
> The Cisco 3002 is a hardware VPN client.  There are also Cisco 3000
> series concentrators.  What's the difference?
> I'm trying to get savvy to this so I can order some hardware but do it
> in an intelligent way (i.e. not buy a Cisco 3002 VPN box when I needed a
> Cisco 3005 VPN Concentrator).
> Thanks,
> Hugh
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