[lug] group perm nightmare

Sexton, George gsexton at mhsoftware.com
Mon Oct 7 10:22:55 MDT 2002

I find the group permissions feature to be extremely handy for Samba shares.
When you need to create directory structures for groups of people to share
like secretaries, it makes it much easier.

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On Friday, October 4, 2002, at 01:15 PM, Warren Sanders wrote:

> I am migrating users from an old mandrake system to a new RH8.0
> system.It contains a mix of users with 'users' as the group.  I'd like
> to tie this down a bit by making both owner:group the same recursivly
> as a new useradd would by default.  Anyone have a script for this?

So I know that this is the 'RedHat' way and when in Rome (RedHat?) do
as the Romans, etc.  But, beyond the benefit of being consistent with
the distribution, can anyone tell me the benefit to this user:group

Personally, and I come from a BSD background, I find this to be
somewhat obnoxious, and something that I work around, rather than
something I find useful.  I also hate the System-V init scripts that
RedHat brought to linux, but I have learned that they bring extra
flexibility in certain complicated startup situations.

I don't mean to start a religious war, and I find RedHat' s distro to
be quite good on the whole, but I can't escape the thought that this
user:group arrangement is simply gratuitously different.  Can anyone
shed light on this for me?


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