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Ian S. Nelson nelsonis at earthlink.net
Mon Oct 7 18:35:03 MDT 2002

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I've wondered that myself.  It looks and feels like an impressive 
improvment for desktop linux, Redhat has been falling behind in that 
area.  I haven't seen a lot of bugs,  most of my machines run Mandrake 
and this is the first redhat release in a long time that is making me 
question if that's the best choice.

neelsmith74 at netscape.net wrote:

|I have yet to try RH 8.0, but what is all the fuss about.
|Is it that bad, should I be looking for another Distro now?
|I would try it out myself, except for lack of time.  Can someone point 
out the cons of the new RH.  Is KRUD going to use RedHat 8.0 in it's 
upcomming Distro's?
|Any help would be great.  
|I too think Mandrake is RedHat like, but it has seemed a bit buggy to me.
|Any feedback would be great!
|Thanks Nate-the other one.
|Do it better with Linux!

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