[lug] RH 8.0 mirrors

Tom Tromey tromey at redhat.com
Mon Oct 7 21:57:46 MDT 2002

>>>>> "Alan" == Alan Robertson <alanr at unix.sh> writes:

[ gcc 2.96 ]

Alan> Either the whole point was to make it incompatible with everything
Alan> else in the world, or it was a massive, inexcusible judgment error
Alan> (and not their first).

Or, maybe some third thing you didn't think of.

The fact is, while 2.96 was released in a dumb way (and those
responsible were chastised by the GCC Steering Committee), releasing
that particular compiler was a good move overall, especially since gcc
3.0 had C++ regressions.  Bero used to have a nice web page explaining
all the points, but www.bero.org seems to be offline.  It is still in
google's cache though.

Alan> It's what they're repeating with trying to make their own KDE,
Alan> since they can't really get GNOME to stabilize.

I still haven't seen the new look-and-feel.  But I can tell you that
the stated reasons for doing it (Owen Taylor has a web page on this)
are, as far as I'm able to determine, in fact the real reasons.
Though, of course, one might reasonably distrust me as a member of the
infernal propaganda engine.


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