[lug] new distro

Jason W. Strnad jasons at ehlokitty.org
Mon Oct 7 12:55:56 MDT 2002

On Monday, October 7, 2002, at 12:10 PM, chris wrote:

> anyone using a recent distro on sparc or ultra hardware?  i have
> some that i'm thinking about sticking in long term storage but could
> pull out in the next couple weeks if there's something worthwhile to
> run on it (solaris 2+ not being it, and sunos, well, it was good in its
> day...)

I've got a little 2proc SS20 that i've decided is happiest at RH6.2.  
Even with 192MB RAM it just starts sputtering with anything I've put on 
it more recent than that.  I did see benefit from moving to a 2.4 
kernel, though, and expect that if I found a lighter weight distro [1] 
it'd do quite well.  It's a great little mail/dns/ftp/etc server.


[1] By light weight I mean something a lot like Debian that I could be 
very particular about what gets installed.  Why I have to install X and 
Apache under RH6.2 to meet dependencies is a source of irritation for 

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