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j davis davis_compz at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 7 23:54:48 MDT 2002

After ny inital discust with rh8 i am warming up....I still
hate the fedora on my "start bar" and i cant find the
sawfish configurator that was in 7.3 and Xconfigurator
appers to be gone and pine is not in the default pakages
and i cant move the redhat update applet blue check around the
way i used to could.But, the bluecurve is pretty smooth...and
it just feels kinda good. Maybe im just wishing this but i think
the mouse server has gotten better....and this is the only thing
that i thought other versions of redhat need. Sometimes
I like to play with the mouse on a windoz box...but I have to
take 3 showers afterwords. Anyway ...gnome2 and redhat8 are pretty
smooth.Just copy over the icons from /usr/share/pixmaps on a 7.3 box
to your current box....old icons better i think. And i cant
seem to figure out how to build src rpms anymore...proably just me :)


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>I've wondered that myself.  It looks and feels like an impressive 
>improvment for desktop linux, Redhat has been falling behind in that area.  
>I haven't seen a lot of bugs,  most of my machines run Mandrake and this is 
>the first redhat release in a long time that is making me question if 
>that's the best choice.
>neelsmith74 at netscape.net wrote:
>|I have yet to try RH 8.0, but what is all the fuss about.
>|Is it that bad, should I be looking for another Distro now?
>|I would try it out myself, except for lack of time.  Can someone point out 
>the cons of the new RH.  Is KRUD going to use RedHat 8.0 in it's upcomming 
>|Any help would be great.  |I too think Mandrake is RedHat like, but it has 
>seemed a bit buggy to me.
>|Any feedback would be great!
>|Thanks Nate-the other one.
>|Do it better with Linux!
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