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O'Reilly User Group Program
October 7, 2002

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Highlights This Week:
Book News
-Learning C#
-Creating Applications with Mozilla
-Learning Cocoa with Objective-C
-Web Privacy with P3P
Conference News
-O'Reilly's Mac OS X Conference Coverage
-Mac User Group members at the Mac OS X Conference
-Go Wild with the New and Improved Safari Bookshelf
-A Missing Manual Saves my Day
-Real Hacking Rules!
-Securing Linux
-Working with Files in PHP
-Creating ASP.NET Web Services, Part 1
-Introduction to OOP in VB.NET
-Help! IE6 Is Blocking My Cookies
-Top Five Open Source Packages for System Administrators
-O'Reilly Wins Best Java Book Award
-Top Ten New Things You Can Do with NIO
-The Near Future of Digital Rights Management
-Why Unix Matters to Mac OS X
-The Do's and Don'ts of Shareware, Part 1
Announcements From Your Peers
-Maryland Apple Corps next meeting

Book News
Review books are available--please email me for a copy.
If you need your books by a certain date, please allow at least four
weeks for shipping.  

Send or email me copies of your newsletters and book reviews.

Don't forget, your members get 20% off any O'Reilly book they purchase
directly from O'Reilly. Just use code DSUG when ordering.

Press releases are available on our press page:

***Learning C#
Order Number: 3765
With "Learning C#," best-selling author Jesse Liberty will help you
build a solid foundation in .NET and show how to apply your skills by
using dozens of tested examples. You will learn how to develop various
kinds of applications--including those that work with databases--and
web services. Whether you have a little object-oriented programming
experience or you are new to programming altogether, "Learning C# "will
set you firmly on your way.

Chapter 2, "Getting Started with C#," is available online:

***Creating Applications with Mozilla
Order Number: 0529
Mozilla is not just a browser. Mozilla is also a framework that allows
developers to create cross-platform applications. "Creating
Applications with Mozilla" provides step-by-step information about how
you can create your own programs using Mozilla's

Chapter 2, "Getting Started," is available online:

***Learning Cocoa with Objective-C
Order Number: 3013
Based on the Jaguar release of Mac OS X 10.2, this new edition of
"Learning Cocoa" covers the latest updates to the Cocoa frameworks,
including examples that use the Address Book and Universal Access APIs.
Also included with this edition is a handy quick reference card,
charting Cocoa's Foundation and AppKit frameworks, along with an
Appendix that includes a listing of resources essential to any Cocoa
developer--beginning or advanced. This is the "must-have" book for
people who want to develop applications for Mac OS X, and is the only
book approved and reviewed by Apple engineers.

Chapter 3, "Object-Oriented Programming with Objective-C," is available
online:  http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/learncocoa2/chapter/index.html

***Web Privacy with P3P
Order Number: 3714
"Web Privacy with P3P" explains the P3P protocol and shows web site
developers how to configure their sites for P3P compliance. Full of
examples and case studies, the book delivers practical advice and
insider tips. Software developers, privacy consultants, corporate
decision-makers, lawyers, public policy-makers, and any individual
interested in online privacy issues will find this book a necessary
reference.  http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/webprivp3p/

Chapter 1, "Introduction to P3P," is available online:

The author's website:

Conference News
***Mac OS X Conference Coverage
O'Reilly's Mac OS X Conference has just wrapped up. Don't miss our
coverage, including photos, reports, and weblogs from the conference
floor.  http://www.macdevcenter.com/mac/osx2002/

***Mac User Group members together at the conference:

Thanks to Lorene Romero (North Coast Mac Users Group) and Chuck Joiner
(Hershey Apple Core) for putting this event together and promoting it.

News From O'Reilly & Beyond
General News
***Go Wild with the New and Improved Safari Bookshelf
The premier electronic reference library for programmers and IT
professionals just got better, with simplified navigation, a more
powerful search, and flexible book swapping options.

Get your first 14 days on Safari free!

***A Missing Manual Saves my Day
O'Reilly author and editor Jonathan Gennick writes about the book that
saved him from disaster--David Pogue's "Windows XP Home Edition: The
Missing Manual." 

Has an O'Reilly book saved your day?
Please let me know at marsee at oreilly.com

***Real Hacking Rules!
On the tenth anniversary of Def Con, the annual Las Vegas meeting of
computer hackers, security professionals, and others, Richard Thieme
reflects on how the con--and hacking--had changed since he spoke at Def
Con 4 seven years earlier.

Open Source
***Securing Linux
Michael Bauer explains why it's both possible and worthwhile to secure
Linux for use as an Internet server platform.

Michael is the author of "Building Secure Servers with Linux,"
available later this month.  Order Number: 2173

***Working with Files in PHP
John Coggeshall covers the fundamentals of reading and writing text
files in PHP.

This article is part of the "PHP Foundations" series--A programmer's
guide to learning PHP for people with no PHP experience.

***Creating ASP.NET Web Services, Part 1
Learn how to write a HelloWorld Web services application with ASP.NET
in part one of a series of book excerpts from "Programming .NET Web

Programming .NET Web Services
Order Number: 2505

***Introduction to OOP in VB.NET
This article addresses why Microsoft made the switch to object-oriented
programming, and why it is so hard to learn, even for experienced

For more on how OOP helps you maximize the power of .NET, don't miss
the upcoming "Object-Oriented Programming with Visual Basic .NET."
Order Number: 1460 http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/objectvbnet/

Web Development
***Help! IE6 Is Blocking My Cookies
Lorrie Cranor offers an introduction to P3P and an overview of what you
need to do to prevent IE6 from blocking your cookies. Lorrie is the
author of "Web Privacy with P3P."

System Administration
***Top Five Open Source Packages for System Administrators
AEleen Frisch offers the first installment in a five-part series on the
most useful open source administrative tools. We begin the countdown
with number five, Amanda, a network-based enterprise backup utility.

AEleen is the author of "Essential System Administration, 3rd Edition."
Order Number: 3439

***O'Reilly Wins Best Java Book Award
"The Java Developer's Journal" has announced its Readers' Choice award
for Best Java Book in 2002: Richard Monson-Haefel and David Chappell's
"Java Message Service."

Java Message Service
Order Number: 0685

***Top Ten New Things You Can Do with NIO
In this article, Ron Hitchens lists a slew of powerful new capabilities
NIO brings to the Java platform.

Ron is the author of O'Reilly's recently released "Java NIO."
Order Number: 2882

***The Near Future of Digital Rights Management
Daniel Steinberg looks at the ramifications of Hollywood's desire to
turn the PC into a trusted digital appliance, in this report from the
DRM panel at the Mac OS X Conference

***Why Unix Matters to Mac OS X
In their keynotes Tim O'Reilly and Jordan Hubbard talk about the
significance of UNIX to Mac OS X.

***The Do's and Don'ts of Shareware, Part 1

This article is part of the "Developing for Mac OS X Series"

Announcements From Your Peers
***Maryland Apple Corps, Inc.--Greater Baltimore Metro Area
Tuesday, October 8, 2002, 6:30 pm
320 York Rd., Towson, MD 21204
A presenter from the Mid-Atlantic Mac User Groups will be discussing
Jaguar and its new feature.

For More info contact Mical Wilmoth Carton, Club Ambassador at
MdAPPLE at aol.com

Until next time,


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