[lug] Window Manager

Kenneth D. Weinert mc at morat.net
Tue Oct 8 11:12:47 MDT 2002

Thanks all - just feeding back to the group that I decided on
WindowMaker. In fact, I liked it so much on the little laptop that I
converted my home machine to it. Then when I got my new hardware at
work I installed it there also.

In addition, I've got Debian running on them all also. Woody for them
all, but the work machine was upgraded to a 2.4.18 kernel so I could
use the kernel mode automounter. I'll probably upgrade the home
desktop machine to that also.

Thanks again for all the input - it did help to have options.

(BTW: the generation-2 hardware is the IBM Thinkpad 701C - 486/75)

On Mon, 16 Sep 2002 09:51:44 -0600
"Kenneth D. Weinert" <mc at morat.net> wrote:

> What would be a good, light weight window manager for last (or last-2 :) 
> generation hardware?
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