[lug] Using Debian

Kenneth D. Weinert mc at morat.net
Tue Oct 8 13:41:08 MDT 2002

If you need them I have an entire set of Woddy CDROMs (jigdo is your
friend) that I created because my work machine has a built-in network
controller that Woody didn't have a driver for. Thus I had to install,
grab the kernel sources, then build the driver. Since I wasn't sure
which disk had what I'd need I just built them all - besides, that
gave me a chance to use the new hardware on the home machine :)

This, btw, is most likely overkill. There is a mini-iso for booting
off of and if your hardware is supported you can just use that to
boot from and then install over the network. For the 701C Thinkpad I
used the set of 6 floppies for the initial boot and then installed
everything else over the wire.

On Mon, 7 Oct 2002 13:18:27 -0600 (MDT)
"J. Wayde Allen" <wallen at lug.boulder.co.us> wrote:

> On Mon, 7 Oct 2002, John Hernandez wrote:
> > I'm a RH user, but have often contemplated trying Debian.  One thing
> > that has held me back to some extent is that I'm not sure if it's easy
> > to find new software pre-packaged in apt (.deb?) format.
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