[lug] Adding 2nd SCSI card

Gary Hodges Gary.Hodges at noaa.gov
Wed Oct 9 16:49:23 MDT 2002

I'll try and keep it short and sweet.

We have:
Tyan dual Athlon w/two 2000+ installed
Adaptec 29160 card installed in a 64 bit slot
RH v7.3 2.4.18-10smp kernel

The machine seems to be very stable.  I ran kernel compiles over a
weekend (~2000) without any trouble.  A few weeks ago we installed an
IDE RAID tower, and about one week ago we finally got around to
configuring it.  I wasn't intimately involved in this step so bear with
me.  There were problems encountered when mkfs was run and when we tried
to make a directory on the tower.  It is configured as RAID5.  The
machine would be brought to its knees when mkfs of mkdir was executed. 
Mouse wouldn't move, etc.  OK, I'm trying to keep it short and sweet.  

In an attempt to figure out if the problem was RAID tower or
related, we thought we would pick up another SCSI adapter (LSI Logic
U160), plug the tower into that and see if we got the same errors.  With
the LSI card in the 1st slot and the Adaptec in the 2nd slot I saw both
during the pre-boot stuff, but I couldn't get the machine to boot up. 
When I
switched the cards I only saw the Adaptec BIOS, but the machine
booted.  During
the boot the LSI card was detected and configured. If I put only the LSI
card in I get into the Linux boot process but it fails with a Kernel
Panic suggesting that I may need some init= boot parameters.

In the spirit of "short and sweet", what am I missing about getting the
machine to boot from the LSI card?  At this point I'd like to just try
it out without the Adaptec card.


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