[lug] new distro

Peter Hutnick peter-lists at hutnick.com
Thu Oct 10 10:55:55 MDT 2002

Nate Duehr said:
>> I have an
>> unreliable 56k (yeah, right) connection.  I have the patience to suck
>> down an ISO (or three) with wget --resume [sic] and check MD5s, but I
>> can't hang with trying to install via a totally unreliable method.
> The source to the "unreliable" installation method is wide-open for your
> modifications -- feel free to jump in and help anytime.

>> Granted, the ISOs are there, but you have to claim to run MacOS or
>> some other bullshit to get the links.  Lame.
> But you did find the ISO's.  They're not 100% hidden.

> Leeching off free software is okay.  Leeching off free software and
> COMPLAINING about it, isn't very cool.

> I bet if you install ONLY the same system that RedHat gives you in a
> "Full" install, you'll find that Debian is quite stable and I highly
> highly doubt you'll have dependency issues.  Just a guess.  Maybe even
> on "unstable".

> Try upgrading RedHat 6.2 to RedHat 7.3 on a Kernel/Software-RAID box.
> Have fun cleaning up the mess.  Been there, done that.  If the Debian
> package maintainer can NOT provide you with a clean upgrade path,
> they're REQUIRED by policy to tell you what, where, when, and why when
> you attempt the upgrade.

> Debian embodies the true open-source (not the open-mooch) spirit...
> don't like what it does?  Crack open the code and write.  Anyone can fix
> it.

> (And yes, I'm posting this message from the Windoze box... for those
> reading headers.  Deal with it.  (GRIN))

Wow!  Is it "Trolling for Debian Day" again already!


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