[lug] j2sdk problems

Andrew R. Diederich diederic at boulder.net
Thu Oct 10 12:32:11 MDT 2002

Silly question: What version of java are you using?
$ java -version


On 10 Oct 2002, Shannon Johnston wrote:

> Does anybody have any experience w/ troubleshooting java installation
> problems?
> I'm trying to install & run tomcat4 and I keep getting this error.
> There was an error trying to initialize the HPI library.
> Please check your installation, HotSpot does not work correctly
> when installed in the JDK 1.2 Linux Production Release, or
> with any JDK 1.1.x release.
> Could not create the Java virtual machine.
> Has anyone successfully dealt with this problem? Or could perhaps point
> me in a new direction? (I've been through almost every document and
> forum at java.sun.com)
> Thanks,
> Shannon Johnston

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