[lug] new distro

Peter Hutnick peter-lists at hutnick.com
Thu Oct 10 21:37:26 MDT 2002

Nate Duehr said:
>> Wow!  Is it "Trolling for Debian Day" again already!
> No, I just like Debian.

This whole thing started with someone /asking/ for a dissenting opinion of

I rarely hear one (and the person who asked for one must not hear one
often either, or he wouldn't have asked), and I believe it is because
giving one brings out the Screaming Maniacs.

Case in point: Nate.

I could piss away hours on your last two messages, but let me just hit a
couple of high points.

1. The good folks at Ibiblio LIKE IT WHEN YOU DOWNLOAD CRAP FROM THEM. 
How hard would it be to just put a link to them . . . right up front. 
Making people game your website to get a freaking download link really
takes the cake IMO.  Seriously.  Could some disinterested party try to get
the ISO link and comment on the process?  You have to click on a link like
"I run MacOS, am a homophobe and like to hurt kittens." or something to
get the link.  It's nuts.

Bottom line, a link to Ibiblio would cost nothing.  They have an assload
of bandwidth.  The whole plea of poverty is false on its face.

2. You really got to me, personally, with your "put up or shut up" type
jabs.  Who the hell are you?

I /have/ mirrored Free Software, when I had the good fortune to be able
to.  I have submitted countless bug reports, answered hundreds upon
hundreds of questions on mailing lists, written FAQs.

Hell, I even lead a major Free Software project for a little while, so
piss off, Nate.

Now, to be a little more rational, you seem to be presenting the false
dichotomy that one must either accept Debian, with all of its warts, or
fix them.  I won't insult you by enumerating other possibilities.

I will say, however, that it is neither my duty, /nor my right/ to go
dictating changes to a distribution that I haven't even been involved
with.  Maybe you guys like Debian the way it is.  I'M OKAY WITH THAT.

That's why they make vanilla and chocolate, and that is why they make Red
Hat and Debian.

Frankly, I /believe/ in the principals behind Debian, I just don't care
for the distro.  I hope that /if/ my criticisms of Debian aren't rational
they don't dissuade the original poster from using it.  I also hope that
your attitude of turning every criticism of Debian into a pissing match
doesn't turn him off either.


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