[lug] October 10, 2002 - Boulder Linux User Group Meeting

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Mon Oct 14 11:03:03 MDT 2002

Tom Tromey <tromey at redhat.com> wrote:

>>>>>> "Chris" == Chris Riddoch <socket at peakpeak.com> writes:
>Chris> Presentation:  Linux in Libraries
>Chris> Main Speaker:  Eric Sisler <esisler at westminster.lib.co.us>
>Unfortunately I had other plans and had to miss this talk.  I was
>really sorry to, since the idea sounds quite interesting to me.
>I assume the subject of converting Boulder's libraries to Linux came
>up?  Is this a feasible project?
>I've also wondered whether we could get the city to convert to Linux
>as well.  I've wondered that ever since finding Flash animations on
>the, IMNSHO quite ugly, city web pages.
>Any thoughts on this?  Any ideas on where one might begin?
>Anyone else interested in looking into it?

Hi all,
The City of Northglenn is working hard to convert to a 99% Open Source structure.  We first started with the web using (L.A.M.P. & Open Source CMS).  We are now putting up the intranet using (L.A.M.P., Java, ODBC & OpenVMS).  This should allow us to gain access to all systems on the network-NT, Alpha, Mac OSX, Linux/BSD.  Our new IT Director & weak economy (low city funds) have really helped the push lately.  We have the support now to convert everything we can over to Open Source (there is HOPE!).  The few things we cannot (ArcSDE, ArcIMS) could be converted to run on Linux & Oracle/DB2.  Since we already have the license for NT we will probably keep this for a while.  Then hopefully we could run it on Linux & Postgres or MySQL.  The only other hold on 100% Linux is the Alpha and specialty software like CAD.  I think our mail & file servers will be the next to go!  I already have one Qmail & one Postfix mail system running all the web server mail for Intranet and Extranet.  Not very hard to have them take over the rest.  Things are looking really awesome here at Northglenn-a City that is now embracing Linux & Open Source as a viable solution.  We still have a long way to go before we will see it on the Desktop, but if any of you have seen Jeffco (Linux Servers to Desktops), there is hope.  The big problem is getting all the Council and Upper Management to realize Microsoft is not the ONLY solution to all problems!  I am really impressed to see a City move from 100% Microsoft ONLY to 99% Open Source.  Of all the surrounding Cities, we are the only one to even have a 100% Open Source (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Postgres, Perl, PHP, Java, Samba, Postfix, Qmail and CMS) Web, LAN & WAN.   Thanks to groups like the BLUG and support from major companies (IBM, RedHat). Hopefully we make it to our goal, but even if we don’t we have already won!  Anyway I would love to here more about other city/government or large biz uses of Open Source in the workplace.
Nate-the other one.
Do it better with Linux!

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