[lug] Wi-Fi Firewall

jef vratny jvratny at earthlink.net
Mon Oct 14 14:43:51 MDT 2002

Hi folks,

been away for a few years, but have always followed the list where I was at,
been a great resource for info and assistance. Anyhow I've recently moved
back to Boulder. Living up beyond the reach of Quest DSL and AT&T broadband
(though this is probably a blessing) I'm using an 802.11b WISP up here in
the hills and want to build a combination wireless-bridge/Access
Point/router/DHCP server/firewall linux box, mostly for fun but also as
necessity. Not even sure there's a single off-the-shelf solution that does
all these things at the same time, though I'm sure I could accomplish the
same thing with a few products strung together, but I'm trying to eliminate
as much cat 5 as possible.  That and I like to make things difficult ;o)

Thought I'd pick up an old Pentium or PII box, slap in 2 Orinoco wi-fi cards
w/PCI sleds and a regular NIC The regular wired NIC is mostly for setup and
troubleshooting as well as any wired clients that may need access. Then
attach a pigtail to one orinoco card from the external antenna for the
bridge and put the other in infrastructure mode. On the software/system side
run dhcpd, iptables & IP Masquerade. Which leads me to my questions.

1. Does anybody see any problems with or have any suggestions for this idea?
2. Anybody tried anything like this?
3. Anybody got an older box they want to get rid of? I know i can pick one
up on ebay, but the shipping is usually as much as the box is worth ;o)
Figured I'd ask around first.

// jef vratny
// Project5.com
// v. 1.800.884.8410
// f. 1.800.884.8410
// m. 720.629.2961

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