[lug] Wi-Fi Firewall

Joseph McDonald joem at uu.net
Mon Oct 14 15:02:14 MDT 2002

A multi-purpose firewall that's gotten some good press in recent
publications is smoothwall: http://www.smoothwall.org/

It's got intrusion detection, VPN support, dhcp, iptables and
runs well on older hardware. It supports up to 10 NIC's and 
I think it'll do most things on your list. Let me know what you 
end up setteling on. I've downloaded the ISO and was going to 
install it on a junker for kicks.


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jef vratny said:
> Hi folks,
> been away for a few years, but have always followed the list where I was at,
> been a great resource for info and assistance. Anyhow I've recently moved
> back to Boulder. Living up beyond the reach of Quest DSL and AT&T broadband
> (though this is probably a blessing) I'm using an 802.11b WISP up here in
> the hills and want to build a combination wireless-bridge/Access
> Point/router/DHCP server/firewall linux box, mostly for fun but also as
> necessity. Not even sure there's a single off-the-shelf solution that does
> all these things at the same time, though I'm sure I could accomplish the
> same thing with a few products strung together, but I'm trying to eliminate
> as much cat 5 as possible.  That and I like to make things difficult ;o)
> Thought I'd pick up an old Pentium or PII box, slap in 2 Orinoco wi-fi cards
> w/PCI sleds and a regular NIC The regular wired NIC is mostly for setup and
> troubleshooting as well as any wired clients that may need access. Then
> attach a pigtail to one orinoco card from the external antenna for the
> bridge and put the other in infrastructure mode. On the software/system side
> run dhcpd, iptables & IP Masquerade. Which leads me to my questions.
> 1. Does anybody see any problems with or have any suggestions for this idea?
> 2. Anybody tried anything like this?
> 3. Anybody got an older box they want to get rid of? I know i can pick one
> up on ebay, but the shipping is usually as much as the box is worth ;o)
> Figured I'd ask around first.
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