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Jason W. Strnad jasons at ehlokitty.org
Mon Oct 14 15:23:37 MDT 2002

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On Monday, October 14, 2002, at 02:43 PM, jef vratny wrote:

> 1. Does anybody see any problems with or have any suggestions for this 
> idea?
Those pigtails can be a real PIA.  I might recommend that you check out 
some of the PCI 802.11b cards (not PCMCIA on a sled), I have 3 
different models which have a more suitable antenna connector (2 
different kinds on 3 cards) and allow for more versatile antenna 
placement.  My personal preference are the SOHO (cheap if you can find 
one) or DLINK, both cards are Prism based.

> 2. Anybody tried anything like this?

I have setup a temporary point-to-point link and found I really wished 
I could put the whole thing outdoors, but that was my application.

> 3. Anybody got an older box they want to get rid of? I know i can pick 
> one
> up on ebay, but the shipping is usually as much as the box is worth ;o)

If you cant find a donation, you might try some of the businesses 
advertised here:

Many are local, and you can save on the shipping.  I bought a stack of 
10 p-120's when I wanted to try a setting up a beowulf, I paid $30/each 
for cpu/32meg/500-800MB hdd's at the time.

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Jason W. Strnad
jstrnad at mac.com

PS - the beowulf was a bit faster than my celeron 400...but it was fun, 
and educational. =]
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