[lug] Mandrake 9.0 and abiword

Ben Luey lueyb at gridley.ACNS.Carleton.edu
Mon Oct 14 20:02:43 MDT 2002

I just installed mandrake 9.0 and mostly I'm impressed. Kde 3 seems to
respond faster than gnome on mandrake 8.2 (maybe the new gcc), but one
major problem.

Where is abiword? It isn't on the cd's (1 or 2) and I can't find anything
on the web.. when I try to get the rpm from abisource.org, I've got all
these dependencies stuff with gnome that I don't want to mess with on a
new distro. Any ideas?

Also, trafshow needs libtinfo.so.5 -- which I think is from ncurses?
Anyone know the rpm I need to install for that library?



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