[lug] Wi-Fi Firewall

David Eckhardt other_cents at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 15 09:28:58 MDT 2002

> Thought I'd pick up an old Pentium or PII box, slap in 2 Orinoco wi-fi
> w/PCI sleds and a regular NIC The regular wired NIC is mostly for setup
> troubleshooting as well as any wired clients that may need access. Then
> attach a pigtail to one orinoco card from the external antenna for the
> bridge and put the other in infrastructure mode. On the software/system
> run dhcpd, iptables & IP Masquerade. Which leads me to my questions.

Wouldn't it be easier to slap 1 wireless card and 2 network cards into the
box?  Then 1 of the network cards would go to an access point that way you
can connect multiple computers to your LAN via. Wireless.

Another idea is to use 802.11a for your LAN then you won't have the
conficts, however there is a question on how good the 11a products are.

David W. Eckhardt

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