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Jason W. Strnad jstrnad at mac.com
Tue Oct 15 10:07:47 MDT 2002

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On Tuesday, October 15, 2002, at 09:28 AM, David Eckhardt wrote:

> Wouldn't it be easier to slap 1 wireless card and 2 network cards into 
> the
> box?  Then 1 of the network cards would go to an access point that way 
> you
> can connect multiple computers to your LAN via. Wireless.

The Prism based cards have a host-ap driver which can give you a great 
deal of flexibility.  I don't know if the other chipsets have similar 
drivers under linux.  As long as you pick channels far enough apart (in 
frequency, 3 channels is the recommended spacing) you shouldn't have 
too many problems with interference (provided you don't have other 
devices around you, crowding your spectrum).

Personally, I've been disappointed by the Denver area's 'personal 
telco' infrastructure....Portland, Seattle, SF, and Boston all seem to 
have a big leg up on us.  I'd like to see this change, perhaps I am 
just not in touch with any of the local efforts.

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