[lug] NTFS for windows emulators and an OT comment

Mike Vigorita mike.vigorita at fluidigm.com
Tue Oct 15 12:41:19 MDT 2002

Reading NTFS drives is fine, it's writing that is still "in progress."

At one point I had Win2k and Linux on my laptop, running on FAT32.  That 
works fine.  ;-)

I'm not sure what Maple is, but as long as it uses the "standard" 
MFC/Win32API interfaces (i.e. the Maple developers aren't using any 
undocumented calls), it should run fine on Wine.


Scott A. Herod wrote:
> Thanks for the note.  The software package is Maple.  I didn't realize
> there was a fear of the driver corrupting the disk.  I don't use windows
> often but would hate to have to find my backup tapes.  I've actually got
> an old version of maple on my ancient mac laptop.  I'll have to stick
> with it most of the time.
> Scott
> Mr Viggy wrote:
>>You can, however remember that the NTFS kernel write drivers are (AFAIK)
>>experimental and may screw up your drive.
>>Wine works pretty good.  I've been able to use Microsoft Word, Excel,
>>Internet Explorer, and Trillian (http://www.trillian.cc) with it.  I
>>haven't tried anything else, though.  I have Wine pointed at my WinME
>>installation (the machine is dual boot, Linux/WinME; it's my laptop, and
>>it's got a Winmodem built in).
>>Scott Herod wrote:
>>>I have recently received some windows software that I would like to use.
>>>I have a dual boot machine with NT on a separate drive which is formatted
>>>with NTFS.  I would really like to be able to use the sofware without
>>>having to boot back and forth between linux ( which I usually run ) and
>>>NT.  Can I place the software on my NT partition and access it with any of
>>>the emulators?  Speaking of emulators, is WINE the one of choice?
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