[lug] mozilla

Rob Riggs rob at pangalactic.org
Wed Oct 16 14:21:38 MDT 2002

Check the version of your Flash plugin. There is a problem with some 
versions of the Flash plugin. I believe it is related to its handling of 
audio and the audio device. I'm pretty sure that there is a bugzilla 
item on this at mozilla.org.


j davis wrote:

> Hi,
>  So I am still  using redhat8 and Gnome. I downloaded the flash plugin 
> for netscape and installed it
> into the mozilla plugin folder...this has always worked fine before. 
> However, now anytime a view
> a page with flash mozilla freezes. Then if i reboot the browser goes 
> back to normall. Mozilla actually
> view flash about half the time still...just hang about once a day? 
> Anybody else out there
> having any success viewing flash from a browser in redhat8/gnome?

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