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D. Stimits stimits at attbi.com
Wed Oct 16 17:47:28 MDT 2002

D. Stimits wrote:
> Dhruva B. Reddy wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have a question about how web servers work and really don't know where
>> to begin looking for the answer.
>> We are developing an application on Apache in Python using Albatross.
>> Our home page is generated dynamically.
>> My question:  From the viewpoint of a web agent (whether it is a
>> browser, spider, etc.), is there any difference between static content
>> and dymanically generated content?
>> My understanding is that if you hit, say http://www.foo.com/index.html,
>> you will get a file called 'index.html', which will look the same 
>> regardless
>> of whether the file is static or dynamically generated.
>> Any answers or direction would be greatly appreciated.
>> -d
> The server does add a header in addition to the web page itself. The 
> amount and content of the header will depend on what the browser sent, 
> such as what content type is accepted, and what content type is to be 
> sent...e.g., "content-type: text-html" as a content type is not part of 

Oops, my bad. Content-type should be in the html page. Other things 
though are inserted by the server.

> the html page, but it is seen prior to the actual html page content. 
> Cookie information would be another example of this header that occurs 
> prior to the actual web page.
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