[lug] Primer on Linux Distros

ljp ljp at llornkcor.com
Fri Oct 18 08:41:00 MDT 2002

On Friday 18 October 2002 08:12 am, you wrote:
> > Gentoo--very interesting distro in which you compile everything from
> > scratch. This takes a long time to install (!) but in the end has the
> > advantage that you know the software is completely optimized for your
> > system.

Not necessarly true, they have a minimal binary installs to get you running.
I like gentoo. It's rather easy to admin, once you get to know their 
commands, and init file layout.
If you want xmms installed, 'emerge xmms' - you download/compile not only 
xmms, but dependencies as well. No more searching the internet for every 
little package you need. 'rc-update...' to add services at whatever 
runlevels. If you are like me and compile most everything anyway.. Gentoo is 
very nice. But to install.. you do need to know a bit about linux, or at 
least, follow their install docs to the tee...

and if you have a few linux machines around, you can install distcc and get 
distributed compiling to help save some time.


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