[lug] NTFS for windows emulators and an OT comment

Timothy C. Klein teece at silverklein.net
Fri Oct 18 20:14:05 MDT 2002

Don't they make a version of Maple for Linux?  Maybe you could get your
copy transferred to a Linux license, for free?  Probably wishfull

WINE might work, might not.  You would probably have to try it to find
out.  If at all possible, I would put the NT system on FAT32, despite
its inferiority, as NTFS is experimental in write mode, as others have
noted, and has been as long as I can remember.  I doubt if it will ever
be stable in write mode.

Mathematica does come in Linux, and it seems like I remember Maple did,
too.  There is also a software package called Maxima, which is a Lisp
computer algebra system, descended from Macsyma, which is the CAS that
started it all.  It is not totally polished, and a bit hard to learn,
but you might look at it if you really wanted to stay in Linux.  Maxima
is free, under the GPL.


* Scott A. Herod (herod at dimensional.com) wrote:
> Thanks for the note.  The software package is Maple.  I didn't realize
> there was a fear of the driver corrupting the disk.  I don't use windows
> often but would hate to have to find my backup tapes.  I've actually got
> an old version of maple on my ancient mac laptop.  I'll have to stick
> with it most of the time.
> Scott
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