[lug] Re: Wi-Fi Firewall

rise rise at knavery.net
Sat Oct 19 01:12:54 MDT 2002

On 16 Oct 2002, Nate Duehr wrote:

> Also, as another comment of stuff you may run into, the Orinoco's are
> very limited in power output.  Most other manufacturers run about 100mW
> output power.  The Orinoco is 15mW if I remember correctly.  So if
> you're "going for distance" the Orinoco's typically aren't that great to
> use.  But for around the house, they're fine.  I don't have the exact
> dB/power numbers here in front of me at the moment.

Very few client adapters are 100mW, "high power" usually means 50mW.  The
Senao cards NetGate is selling are far higher power than usual.  The
Orinoco's also appear to have gone down in power from the original Lucent
models to the more recent Avayas in some informal testing

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