[lug] NTFS for windows emulators and an OT comment

Timothy C. Klein teece at silverklein.net
Sat Oct 19 10:42:00 MDT 2002

* D. Stimits (stimits at attbi.com) wrote:
> I had a student edition of Mathematica on Linux, and while it is 
> outstanding software, their locking and licensing is ridiculous. You can 
> expect a copy to run in excess of $1000 (haven't checked lately, but a 
> couple years back I think it was over $2k). Don't know about the other 
> listed ones, but Maple has had some fairly good reviews.
> D. Stimits, stimits AT attbi.com

Yup, it costs about $1000.  Like any good pusher, though, it will start
cheap for the newbies.  As a student, you can get it for $140.  To
upgrade to professional after you graduate is only $340 (if you do it within
a few months).  To upgrade to new version later is usually substantially
cheaper if you upgrade right after the new version comes out.  So you
can get it for less than $1000, but it is still a very draconian
licensing scheme.

On the other hand, it is absolutely astounding software.  I paid my $140
for the student version, and don't regret a penny of it.

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