[lug] more comps up for adoption

luke p linuxluke_20 at hotmail.com
Sat Oct 19 16:01:31 MDT 2002

I've got 4 old computers I'd like to get rid of, preferably to someone who 
could use them instead of recycle/trash. Specs:

4 Compaq Desktop Pro 4000's
Pentium 166 MHz
all have 10 MB NIC's
all have CDROMs and Floppy drives
two have soundcards
   those both have 32 MB RAM, 1.5 GB HD's
two without soundcards
   one has 32 MB RAM, other has 64 MB RAM, both have 1.5 GB HD's
all have Windows 98SE (though no disc w/ licence)

I also have 2 15" viewsonic 15GS to go with any of the boxes and I have 
keyboards and mice to go with all/any. Though I don't have any powercables 
for either the computers or monitors.

Free for First come first serve, though better offers recieve priority.
Unless needed imediatly, I can bring to any BLUG/Hacking society meeting.


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