[lug] more comps up for adoption \\ if all else fails . . .

bill ehlert bill_ehlert_lists at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 20 02:15:25 MDT 2002

    . . . there's an organization here in
    denver that reburbishes old machines
    & provides 'em to inner city kids who
    wouldn't otherwise be able to use 'em.

    if nobody else takes you up on this, 
    i'll come up there & haul 'em down
    here and give' em to that group.

    could put linux on 'em instead of
    windows!  heh!

    please let me know.

--- luke p <linuxluke_20 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hey,
> I've got 4 old computers I'd like to get rid
> of, preferably to someone who 
> could use them instead of recycle/trash. Specs:
> 4 Compaq Desktop Pro 4000's


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