[lug] CDRW/DVD-ROM problems with Redhat 8.0

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Mon Oct 28 11:13:22 MST 2002

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1. I am neither new to Linux nor an expert in it. I searched the
web/blug-archives to find a fix, but failed.

2. a) System: Athlon XP 2200, 1GB RAM, MSI KT333 motherboard, Lite-On CDRW
and        DVD ROM.
   b) Problem: Cannot mount/see the CDRW and DVD drives. dmesg produces
status=0xXX errors. Drive not ready, time out etc.
   c) Auxilliary information:
        i) DVD ROM is set to master, CDRW is set to slave. (jumper settings)
        ii) Harware works fine under Windows XP.
        iii) Works under Redhat 7.3. (First installed 7.3, then copied the
        8.0             then copied the 8.0 images to the hardrive and installed it from
        iv) Settings for secondary IDE: 0x170, IRQ-15
         v) Tried passing hdc=cdrom type of options suggested in
/usr/src/linux*/Documentation/ide.txt and cdrom/ide-cd. Didn't work.

Read about soft-booting into linux after loading MS-DOS. But since it worked
under 7.3, it does not appear to be the problem.

Any suggestions to find a solution to this problem will be greatly


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