[lug] Tape Drives

dan radom dan at radom.org
Mon Oct 28 13:03:27 MST 2002

* j davis (davis_compz at hotmail.com) wrote:
> Hello,
>  So i got a new tape drive and its up and running in my
> rh7.3 box. I have 2 new dlt3xp tapes that are good for 15/30 gigs.
> I have never used dump before. Looks like i could do something like
> this...
> /sbin/dump 0f /dev/st0 /etc/ /var/www /home /var/spool/mail
> does that look ok. Then i could just do a level 3 dump daily
> after that ? Any gotchas out there for tape newbies?

/dev/st0 is the rewinding device, and /dev/nst0 is the nonrewinding
device, so st0 rewinds each time and will overwrite what's on the tape
durig the next write.  nst0 does not.  i've been happily using tar with
my 35/70G sony ait drive for years.


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