[lug] Tape Drives

j davis davis_compz at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 28 14:36:23 MST 2002

>I would suggest taking a look at Amanda.  It combines the advantages of
>both tar and dump.  It also offers some great remote backup features.
>Using tar or dump can become a holy war (and it will if you give it
>long enough ;o)
>Both tar and dump have their differing strengths and weaknesses and in
>the end, it depends on the function of your backups.

Thanks eveyone for ther input...i have a little disk space to burn,
so i have decided to use dump/restore to write a weekley archive to
one tape dump level 3 then dump to another tape once a month dump level 0
the do a dailey level 3 dump to a hardrive and maybe have a monthly level 0
dump to hardrive too. this combined with the raid1 array should keep
me safe i hope.


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