[lug] OT: WAS: Tape Drives --- NOW: Emacs vs. vi !!! ;-)

Ed Hill ed at eh3.com
Mon Oct 28 16:32:29 MST 2002

On Mon, 2002-10-28 at 14:21, Sexton, George wrote:
> You obviously did not read the BRU paper did you?
> >> And theres no reason you can't accomplish the same with tar.  If you're
> >> sufficiently paranoid, you can easily do a round-trip archive--
> >> extract--compare session with standard GNU tools and (optionally) a bit
> >> of shell code.  Its quite easy.
> If you don't mind the false hits because the files changed between the time
> the backup was done and the time the verify was done. I hope you enjoy
> looking at log files a lot... I hope that you can exercise the constant
> vigilance every day to detect that a failed verify was the result of a tape
> problem, and not a user editing the underlying file. Also, I hope it doesn't
> matter that you are doubling the load on the disk subsystem because the
> verify step will load the disk subsystem to the same extent that a backup
> does.


And all media (including tapes, drives, and even RAM) will fail over
time.  Should I spend every minute of my life continuously verifying
everything I've ever stored?  Of course not.  At some point, you have to
pick your comfort level and try to make forward progress.  For me, tar
has been a Free, reliable, ubiquitous, and convenient performer so I
recommend it with confidence.  And you happen to like BRU.  Hey, thats
cool.  I contend that neither is a wrong answer.

> >> So George, do you or a family member work for the Tolis Group?  ;-)
> That's a cheap shot and I won't stand for it. Not even with the smiley will
> I take it. You need to recognize that for some things there are not

Lighten up, Francis!  This is _just_ an email list.  ;-)


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