[lug] OT: ATT Broadband service interruptions?

John Dollison johndollison at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 28 22:38:34 MST 2002

This isn't exactly Linux related, but you guys are more computer-savvy than
95% of the local Windows users.....

I'm on the AT&T Broadband service, and lately I've been having lots of
problems connecting to various websites.  I thought I was having a hardware
problem with my cable modem, but I just got off the chat-line with AT&T's
support guy, and he says it's a Network Operations Center problem.  Normally
I'd believe him, but this problem seems odd to me.  I'd like some feedback
from you guys.

Here are the details:

My home setup is two computers (both are dual-boot Linux and Windows)
connected to an SMC Barricade router, which connects to my cable modem.

I have an RCA DCM215 cable-modem which I've leased from AT&T for about 2
years now.  I noticed a long time ago that it will go into a hard-reset if
you bump it, exactly as if someone had pulled the power and then plugged it
back in again - all the lights go out, then come back on, one-by-one, until
the signal is re-aquired and service is restored.  So I always figured there
was a loose wire inside, but never bothered to call tech support about it.
(Also, I'm on a TrippLite UPS, so I believe my 115V power is stable.)

Over the past week or two, the problem has started occuring on its own,
without any "bumping" of the modem; but it seems to happen especially when
I'm trying to use Outlook to access my various e-mail accounts and
newsgroups.  It's now occuring several times a day.  I've never heard of any
software command that AT&T (or anyone else) could send to make the modem do
a hard reset, so I figured the modem was just getting ready to die on me.  I
got on the AT&T support website and talked to one of their reps, but he
insists it's not a hardware problem.  I asked if their network was under
attack, and he said no.  He did a tracert to my IP, and says there's a long
delay at my end, indicating a problem in the local network, but NOT at my
modem or PC.

So what gives?  Has anyone else seen problems on ATT Broadband?

John D


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